VIP and Transfer Services

Our private transfer services unit under Iltur Seyahat Turizm; It provides special transportation services to senior executives, special guests and company personnel of domestic and foreign capital companies that have made a name in their sector, with modern and equipped vehicles, experienced and respectful vehicle drivers.
In private transfer services; As many vehicles as required by the companies are offered for use with a driver. Thus, the transportation of company employees; Domestic and foreign guests are welcomed from the hotel, taken to meetings, airport transfers, long or close distance transportation. In this way, companies do not deal with personnel expenses such as purchasing vehicles, providing maintenance and advances to personnel, taxi receipts, filling expense forms. Thanks to this system, companies save money and at the same time do not encounter problems arising from transportation.
Upon request, our Private Transfer Services Unit carries out the follow-up of works such as delivering documents to different businesses of companies, banks, customs, official offices.
The vehicles we use during the Private Transfer Service are kept under control with the vehicle tracking system on a 24/7 basis, and all transfer tracking data can be accessed at any time.
A “Single Invoice System” has been created, where expenses can be easily tracked instead of separately tracked expense items. Thus, control and internal audit has become easier. To companies; It is possible to access all the information they want on a monthly or daily basis in report format.

Vip ve Transfer Hizmetleri