Our Information Security Policy

Establishing an effective security policy and taking steps to ensure compliance is a critical step in preventing and reducing security breaches. In order to make our security policy really effective, we are updating our company against changes, new threats, consequences from previous violations. By making your information security policy practical and applicable, we offer our customers a much more reliable service. İltur Travel Tourism Tic. Ltd. Şti. There are various elements of our information security policy that we adopt while serving our customers. It is possible to explain the aforementioned factors in detail as follows.


Information Security Policy Purpose

  • We can explain the purpose of our company’s information security policy as follows.
  • To detect and prevent information security breaches such as the abuse of networks, data, applications and computer systems,
  • Protecting the organization’s reputation and supporting ethical and legal responsibilities,
  • Respecting customer rights, including how to react to questions and complaints about non-compliance.
Gebze Personel Taşımacılığı
Kocaeli Personel Taşımacılığı

We are improving our information security policy by adding an event to our management team in order to agree on well-defined goals for strategy and security. We focus on three main goals of information security. These are as follows.

  • Confidentiality: Only authorized persons can access data and information assets.
  • Integrity: Data must be robust, accurate and complete, and IT systems are kept in working order.
  • Usability: Users can access information or systems when needed.