Customer Relationship

As Iltur Travel Tourism, our aim is; To organize and execute customer satisfaction processes in a consistent, systematic, customer-focused and sensitive manner in order to serve our customers above their expectations, and to inform our customers about the company policies we implement in their feedback.
İltur Seyahat Turizm adopts the feedback about its services not as a complaint, but as a means of improvement and development that are conveyed to correct and take measures. All kinds of complaints reported by our customers are an opportunity to correct a deficiency in our services.
It is the understanding and perspective adopted by all Iltur Travel employees to be sensitive and fair to feedback, to focus on the solution by using all in-house facilities, to ensure that the processes are easily applicable and accessible at every stage.
Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction, to take necessary actions by determining improvement and development areas in business processes, to increase customer loyalty by detecting the perceived service quality at the end of improved business processes.

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