Our Quality Policy

Our company’s quality policy is based on “customer satisfaction”. The main purpose of our company is to provide services in accordance with the high standards and technical conditions set.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, it is evaluated whether the customer conditions are met or not and the changing expectations of the customers are announced to the employees. We provide the highest quality and professional service to our customers with our employees within the scope of personnel and student transportation. “The happiness of the employees” is the most important requirement in our company to ensure customer satisfaction. Decisions are taken by taking the opinions of the relevant employees and in line with the “participation” principle. It is ensured that individuals are equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to undertake responsibilities and responsibilities related to their positions. It is aimed to have an environment where everyone takes their own role and is happy with what they do. Although the responsibility belongs to individuals, group work is also encouraged and group success is evaluated above individual success. In order to increase the competitive power of the company in the markets, a “cost conscious” attitude is adopted and importance is given to how to save. In line with all these principles, our company constantly strives to reach a better level than it is currently.

As Iltur Travel Tourism, it focuses its services on the maximum benefit of its customers by aiming to achieve the desired high quality within the scope of quality management standards and to reach high standards in terms of transportation service. You should know that our company, which acts with the ideal of being a brand with the highest standards of quality, continues its activities by adopting the following policies.
As Iltur Seyahat Turizm, our Quality Management Policy is primarily focused on our customers. We aim to meet the needs, expectations and needs of our customers and other interested parties (partners, staff, suppliers, society) in a more complete and comprehensive way through the continuous quality improvement of our products and services. In addition to these, Iltur Seyahat Turizm targets the following.



  • Bringing customer satisfaction to the top by providing the most accurate and reliable services in line with the demands from customers,
  • To make new initiatives in order to ensure the sustainability of the experience gained in the transportation sector within the framework of new perspectives and understanding of quality service,
  • While continuing to work to prove the importance we attach to our business, to improve our service provision capacity with investments that will highlight our belief in development,
  • Providing a suitable working environment for employees and contributing to the improvement of performance, with the awareness of being a true, honest, responsible and professional brand,
  • Increasing income through increase in labor quality and productivity,
Kocaeli Personel Taşımacılığı
  • Improving the qualifications of staff through needs-oriented training of staff,
  • Improving project management activities,
  • Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, developing activities without harming the individual and society as a whole, protecting the environment
  • To continue to continuously improve the high quality services offered to our customers and all aspects of these services in order to maximize the productivity of customers and increase the efficiency of their business activities
  • Conducting continuous surveys on customer requirements and their fulfillment by providing customers with desired quality services,
  • In the light of our customer-oriented quality policy, our employees are the most important asset of the company in obtaining high quality service and meeting customer expectations.