About Us

Founded in Gebze district of Kocaeli in 1990 and stepped into the sector, in 1997, İltur Seyahat Turizm TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Our company, which has been restructured and accelerated its activities with a new understanding and quality, successfully operates in personnel and student transportation, transfer services, vehicle supply for private trips.

Our company has approved its quality with “Service Place Qualification Certificate” within the scope of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate and TS 12257 numbered “Student and Personnel Transportation” standard in cooperation with international quality experts.

It is the most important mission of our company, which has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle, to present it together in time and comfort. We strive to provide you with safe, punctual and comfortable service for your satisfaction.

Our most important quality policy is to comply with the laws and regulations related to the sector, to ensure that each company is a reference for the next customer demand, to work with a trained staff and to be honest.

Our honest and ethical working principle is appreciated by you, the company owners, and our company adds strength in this way.

This power we have received from you leads us to better and success every day. Inspired by this power we have taken, we are committed to providing you with the best transportation service, thank you in advance for choosing Iltur Travel.


Our Mission

In line with the talent and capacity of our company, meeting all the service expectations of our customers at world standards, Providing fast, competitive services that meet the expectations of our customers with a dynamic teamwork, Contributing to the economy of the country and the region, Taking important roles in the development of our current and new services and our activity regions, be.
İstanbul Personel Taşımacılığı
İstanbul Öğrenci Taşımacılığı

Our Vision

To achieve mutual and sustainable growth with our customers and production partners. To be decisive in the international arena with the social responsibility principles we apply in our sector. To provide new services to the sector with the latest technology and process applications and to be in a leading position. To respond to the increasing service needs of our customers by integrating all our processes throughout the supply chain with information technologies.
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    İltur Seyahat Turizm 1990 Yılında Gebze'de kuruldu.

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    1997 Yılında İltur Seyahat Turizm olarak yapılandı.

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    İltur Seyahat Turizm 2004 yılında Kocaeli Üniversitesin'den ödül kazandı.

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    İltur Seyahat Turizm 2016 yılında filo kiralama hizmetine başladı.