Our Environmental Policy

As Iltur Travel Tourism, we carry out studies that take into account all legislation and regulations related to the environment at both national and international levels. In this sense, which brings development and innovation to the fore, we aim to be a brand that succeeds in carrying its services to a quality point within the scope of environmental management systems. We aim to prove at every opportunity that we value the environment and people in the privileged services we offer to our customers.


In this context;

  • Determining what kind of damages are caused to the environment during the delivery of services to customers,
  • Taking the necessary measures to eliminate the damages in a short time with the aim of developing a sustainable environmental policy by evaluating the damage to the environment,
  • To enable the establishment of a sensitive, clean and healthy environment with an understanding of the effects of climate changes on humanity and the environment,
  • To contribute to raising generations who are environmentally conscious and play a very important role in building the future,
  • To carry out effective studies for the efficient use of consumable energy resources,
  • Making investments for the maximum use of renewable energy in order to ensure sustainability,
  • Immediately after the determination of the situations that cause environmental pollution, to initiate the necessary studies to prevent the pollution at its source,
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  • Ensuring that environmental sustainability is at least as important as its core business,
  • To organize trainings and seminars in order to improve the environmental awareness of our staff and business partners,
  • To help carry out R&D studies in order to increase productivity and to benefit from the outputs of existing studies at the maximum level,
  • To follow the developments by taking into account the positive effects of new technologies on the environment as well as the facilitating effect of human life,
  • Determining the vehicles used during service provision in accordance with environmental standards and preparing the ground for more environmentally friendly solutions,
  • Taking necessary precautions in order to carry out studies in accordance with international documents and standards and to continue the certification processes successfully,
  • It is aimed to carry out all necessary activities in full in order to sustain environmental policies in a sustainable way.