Our Management Policy

As Iltur Travel Tourism, our main goal is to establish a structure that gives confidence, believes in innovation and adds value to the sector with the power it gets from its employees. Based on this understanding, our company, which works together with the stakeholders of the sector and invests in innovation at every opportunity in this sense, carries out studies that attract attention with its management approach. The principles and values ​​adopted by our management, which focuses on reflecting the iltur quality, are as follows;

  • To provide solutions that will ensure that the ethical rules adopted in the construction phase of the management system meet customer demands at the maximum rate and to maximize customer satisfaction,
  • To ensure that our personnel and all stakeholders associated with our company are informed through training and communication tools and to raise the level of awareness to serious levels,
  • To assist the provision of transportation services in accordance with the regulations introduced by the Highways Traffic Law, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Health and local administrations,
  • Making the necessary evaluations in the context of environment, occupational safety and energy management policies during the delivery of the service to the relevant persons and calculating the possible effects by considering the risks,
  • Determining the risks that will create negative effects on the environment and personnel in advance and carrying out the necessary studies in order to eliminate the risks,
  • Carrying out effective activities in order to make services more efficient and appropriate,
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  • Identifying the dangers that may put the sustainability, development and future steps of the institution at risk through risk management to be carried out in the corporate sense,
  • Eliminating the risks by conducting the most appropriate studies against the risks after determining the risks,
  • Revealing the most suitable options in order to be the brand that offers the most successful solutions in the sector thanks to the use of resources to reach the most effective level,
  • Increasing efficiency by using resources such as people, vehicles, materials and finance in a conscious manner,
  • To enable the establishment of a higher quality work area by preventing occupational accidents that employees may encounter within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To reveal options that will attract the attention of customers with the best service quality, the most successful in service period, competitive with prices, reliable and continuous services,
  • We are committed to continuing efforts to bring management systems and the programs used in the establishment of these systems to a sustainable structure thanks to continuous controls.