GEBZE Student Transport

GEBZE Student Transport We are at your service with our expert staff.

• By our company, which specializes in student transportation in Gebze, your child is picked up from the specified address every morning and delivered to the same address after school. Exceptions are road closure, excavation work, inaccessible and no-return streets, a parking lot and emergency situations.

• If the students arrive before the time given by the driver, they wait for the hour to end. When the time is up, the guide goes to the reception point and checks whether the student has arrived. If the student does not come after waiting for 1 minute, the vehicle will move.

• It is forbidden for anyone other than students and teachers to enter the service vehicles.

• The driver of the service and the guide staff cannot inform the parent that the vehicle has arrived by calling the guardian, ringing the horn or ringing the house bell. It is the responsibility of the parent to get the student ready for the shuttle 5 minutes before the given time, and the driver to be at the pick-up point at the promised time.

• If the student will be taken to the school by his / her parents or if he / she will be picked up by the parents after school, the bus driver must be informed.

• If the student will be dropped off at another address on the route of the same vehicle, the shuttle driver should be informed, and if the student will be dropped off at another address on the route of a different vehicle, the relevant school’s transportation manager should be informed.

• A transportation manager representing our company, which is an expert in Gebze Student Transportation, is always present at the school. All organizations are run by the transport manager, under the general manager.

• Transportation managers follow the road and weather conditions and inform the drivers by setting up a telephone chain when necessary or sending a mass message system from our company.

• We ensure that our spare vehicles are activated in case of any malfunction.

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