Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Iltur Travel Tourism, it aims to take into account the legal regulations, international guidelines and customer demands on Occupational Health and Safety. It is aimed to determine an Occupational Health and Safety Policy so that employees and customers can work / receive services in a healthier environment.

  • To determine policies in accordance with national and international regulations,
  • Arrangement of vehicles and elements used during service provision in a way that does not cause work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • Identifying both health and safety risks in order to establish a safe working environment,
  • Carrying out appropriate studies in order to take necessary precautions in the context of identified risks,
  • To carry out effective studies for the efficient use of consumable energy resources,
  • Working to raise awareness of our staff and business partners on Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Achieving sustainable targets through continuous work on Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Informing the personnel of the updates on OHS as a result of the studies that must be carried out every year within the company,
  • Establishment of an emergency team in addition to the works carried out to make the staff more aware of OHS,
  • Conducting studies in the context of technological equipping of vehicles in the context of measures taken against possible risks and accidents.