GEBZE Personnel Transport

Gebze Personnel Transport İltur Seyahat Turizm, an expert in its field; It continues to grow day by day by adding the leading companies of our country to its service network.
Along with this growth, staffs are formed by constantly improving the professional and personal competencies of the personnel they employ, knowing the management systems, using technology completely, acting above the customer requests and expectations, setting them up, following the changes in the sector and keeping up with the change.

With our 90 projects, approximately 1000 personnel are transported daily with 145 service vehicles. Our operational personnel, who are experts in Gebze personnel transportation, are equipped with the most advanced facilities of technology in terms of communication, and in case of inconveniences that may cause disruption of service, they instantly communicate with our company and customer managers and personnel and provide the necessary coordination to solve non-conformities immediately and on site. Personnel Transport is now the biggest problem of companies. Providing timely and comfortable transfer services for its personnel, minimizing the confusion of daily busy work, while providing comfortable and safe travel is guaranteed by Iltur Seyahat Turizm. You can minimize these troubles by choosing us.

Providing service with age-limited vehicles in its fleet, İltur Turizm has its vehicles maintained at authorized services in accordance with the periodic maintenance interval. Our company, which continues its efforts to produce solutions in parallel with technological developments in the field of Gebze Personnel Transportation, continues its quality, meticulous and safe transportation activities and adds new ones to the companies it cooperates with every day. By investing in vehicles in the projects we carry out, it gives a smooth, uninterrupted and long-term service and gives companies confidence with its strong structure.

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